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PT. Asia Aero Technology(AAT) is a private company which is enganged in aviation sector. AAT established since 2006 as Rotax south east representative agent and maintenance, and then on 2007 AAT establish cooperation with Indonesian Scout National Head Quarter(Kwartir Nasional Gerakan Pramuka) to develop Wiladatika Airport which is located on Buperta, Cibubur. From that occassion, AAT expand to be an airport management and facility maintenance of Wiladatika Airport which has runway length less than 1500 meters category. AAT has been develop Wiladatika Airport in time and resulted a fiew new airport infrastructure and building. AAT is now to be a growing company and has 5 tenant from general aviation. We will keep growing to give the best service for all customers and for Indonesian General Aviation. to

Our Vision to be leading company of servicing general aviation in Indonesia, especially for airport and helipad management.

And we have mission to support general aviation growth by developing many existing airstripe and helipad in Indonesia, both human resources and flight operation.

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