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Our Services

General Aviation Airport
We manage and develop General Aviation Airport to be more feasible to operate.
Hangar for lease
We manage property for supporting any aviation operation purpose, air charter company, and maintenance facility.
ROTAX spare part & maintenance
We serve your ROTAX need throughout Indonesia either for maintenance and spare parts sales.
Ground handling
We provide ground handling service to support your flight operation while in the Airport we managed.
Fuel Supplies (Avgas 100LL)
We provide Avgas 100LL for piston engine aircraft to support your cross country flight purpose or diversion purpose.
GSE Dealer
We provide special ladder and staircase for MRO and aircraft line maintenance.

Airport Facilities & Services

  • Training Area
  • Airplane and Rotor Craft Miantenance Village
  • Aircraft handling
  • Aircraft hangar
  • Avgas Refueling Service
  • Heli Landing Officer
  • Flight Operation Officer
  • Traffic Information Frequency
  • Venue
  • Canteen
  • Prayer room

Additional work

Aircraft Modification
We do aircraft assembly, modification, and dismentle especially for experimental aircraft.
Aircraft Management
We managed your aircraft to be useable and ready to fly in safe condition, either technical and aircraft documents.

Airport Info

Runway length: 765 meters
Runway width: 30 meters
Radio Frequency: 120.600 MHz
Aerodrome Services
Any purpose of flights such as Training, divert, and destination. If you like to get updated information about surcharges, please download the link below